The king of pop is 50 and going strong

September 13, 2008



There are two kinds of music lovers who have an opinion about Michael Jackson. There are the few who have grown up listening to him and watching his videos and can’t stop but praise him. And then there’s this other kind who detest him without even listening to his music simply because he was accused of being a paedophile and changed his skin colour. Whatever is said and done,one simple fact must be understood that MJ has as much influence on pop music as The Beatles have had since the 60s.

He invented and improvised on a form of music which he completely should take credit for. The art of performing great songs entertaining the crowds. Just like the great Elvis. The moonwalk is a total original and people till date try to imitate him. And the famous anti-gravity lean he does in smooth criminal. He holds a patent for it.

Then he led the way when it came to the art of creating music videos with Thriller. It was directed by John Landis and Guiness calls it the most successful music video ever made.Thriller also happens to be the highest selling album in music history-it has sold 65 million copies till 2007. The album got MJ seven grammy awards which is still a record. Thriller features Billie Jean and the girl is mine(a duet which MJ performs with Paul McCartney of the Beatles). Speaking of the beatles,it is MJ who owns the catalogue rights to all beatles songs.

And then came Bad.Surpassed all previous records.It featured 5 #1 billboard singles which is a hit. Interestingly the video for the title song was shot and directed by Martin Scorcese. Follow the success of Bad with Dangerous which remains my personal favourite album. I could listen to the CD over and over again without getting bored. It featured Jam,black and white,who is it, and a host of others.

Agreed that rightafter this album the quality of compositions dipped. His next two albums weren’t up to the mark but I think this has all got to do with the blooody false accusations against him about being involved in paedophilism.

I’d like to list my top five MJ videos:

5. Speed Demon – animation of the 80s and an interesting storyline.

4. Stranger in Moscow– quite simply my favourite song which has MJ in deep thought mode.

3. Who is it – This video was shot by David Fincher(of Fight Club and 7even fame).The video is set in a neo-chrome blade-runner-like landscape, where surfaces reflect light and denote luxury in all its splendor. We get to see Michael Jackson as a suffering recluse who has come to the conclusion that his girlfriend is cheating.

2. Dangerous – Watch it for yourself and decide.

1. Jam – It features Michael Jordan in the video and has some really cool and funky grooves.

Special mention should also go for the following videos:

Black or white

They don’t care about us

Remember the time  The concept of this video has been copied and replicated in several hindi movies.

And I just read somewhere that Scream is the most expensive video made in music history.  Made in 1995,it cost a whooping $7,000,000.


4 Responses to “The king of pop is 50 and going strong”

  1. vicky Says:

    Child: Dad, is God male or female?

    Dad: er…both dear..

    Child: Is He black or White?

    Dad: hmm both ..

    Child: So is Michael Jackson, God?


    Before you delete this comment, let me tell you that MJ was a trailblazer..he did things dat no one else did(in music ie)…even in south india u still have kids who wanna sing and dance like him…you’re not alone and dya rememeber the times are songs I grew up listenin to…awesome post btw

  2. shuunya Says:

    Any MJ video list that does not include Smooth Criminal is lame!

  3. Joshua Says:

    I’ve mentioned it right there under anti-gravity lean link!

  4. moimystique Says:

    fiercely loyal MJ fan here.OooOhh i loveth your blog even more now!

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