Champions league fixtures

December 19, 2008

UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League


Now this has been a great day otherwise and it got even better once I reached home and read about the UEFA champions league fixtures. Here they are. Ladies and gentlemen the UEFA CL 2008 games to look forward to.

Chelsea – Juventus

Villarreal – Panathinaikos

Sporting – Bayern

Atletico Madrid – FC Porto

Lyon – Barcelona

Real Madrid – Liverpool

Arsenal – Roma

Inter – Manchester United

My predictions follow 🙂

Chelsea-Juve : Juve.

Villarreal – Panathinaikos: Villarreal. Panathinaikos will be mauled by them.

Sporting – Bayern :Sporting. Tight call this one.

Atletico Madrid – FC Porto : Atletico it will be.

Lyon – Barcelona : Barca. But I hope Juninho screws them really bad.

Real Madrid – Liverpool: Madrid of course!! But mind says it will be Madrid. Hell Madrid is going to Anfield and will conquer.

Arsenal – Roma: Roma roma roma

Inter – Manchester United: Inter please kick Man U’s sorry ass. Please please.

I am so looking forward to every game in the next round. I end this post hoping that every English team gets eliminated in the 2nd round. 😀


6 Responses to “Champions league fixtures”

  1. jayan Says:

    Fuck yourself.. I predict an all english final. Or atleast 2 english teams in the semis.
    Real will be eliminated faster than you can blink.

  2. Lovell Says:

    hahahah loser!!!!
    i ddnt ever read the post.. but ur doing all this for traffic man..

    L-O-S-E-R… ur gone commercial!!!

  3. joshuasingh Says:

    screw both of you. English teams are all about the money,lifestyles. It lacks the flair that is seen on the La Liga. Whatever little flair/glimpses of the beautiful game we see in the EPL is mostly because of former la liga players.

  4. Vicky Says:

    u posted nothing after this loser post and u still got 3…me dropped to 2 ..bastard!

  5. ramya Says:

    update.. update..

  6. I want be to all England club reach semi final

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