Five songs that will never die

June 8, 2009

List of songs that will live on for generations to come. Feel to free add any if you think I’ve missed any.

1. Cry me a river – Julie London [ From ‘The Girl Can’t Help It‘]. More recently, Susan Boyle sang a cover of the same which is worth mentioning. This song is so weirdly mesmerizing that it excites me everytime I hear it. Can never get bored of this 🙂

2. What a wonderful world – Louis Armstrong [Live version,from the 1968 BBC Live sessions]. Don’t miss the piano fill-ins! The modern punk version by The Ramones is pretty cool too.

3.Fly me to the moon – Nat King Cole[Studio version]. Apologies, this isn’t the original video. And Julie London is here again on my list with her version of the same.

4. Somewhere over the rainbow – Judy Garland[From The Wizard of Oz]. Every version of this song is so different, but this is the happy and original one with no weird intermittent minor chords in between. I can never get over Eric Clapton’s version(watch Clapton belt it out from 2:50).This also features the fifth Beatles member Billy Preston on the hammond organ. Don’t miss Preston’s bird’s fly imitation on the hammond organ at 6.05).

5. Time of the season – The Dave Matthews Band[Live from the Red Rocks Concert]. I’m posting the cover instead of the original here because I like this more. And the funky Butch Taylor solo on the organ. The weird chord progressions in the chorus make it curiously amazing.

This is not a complete list, feel free to add on 🙂


26 Responses to “Five songs that will never die”

  1. Rohit Says:

    How can we add to the list if you said 5 songs and posted all 5???

  2. Sailusha Says:

    @Ro… LOL

    but we can all post our 5,
    here’s mine-
    1. her morning elegance- Oren Lavie
    2. hey there delilah- plain white t’s
    3. blower’s daughter (elephant, volcano, amie,..)- damien rice 😛
    4. come here- kath bloom
    5. puff the magic dragon- haha

  3. shuunya Says:

    I would add ‘Hallelujah’ by Leonard Cohen and and ‘Blue in Green’ by Miles Davis.

  4. shuunya Says:

    @Sailusha – hey there delilah? Are you kiddin me?

  5. Manasa Says:

    What a wonderful world? seriously?
    that is such a drag.

    @sailusha her morning elegance is not bad.

  6. vicky Says:

    Wonderful collection. To be honest i had just heard 2 of those before. I like all the 5.

    Dhool mach.

    I’d add Musafir hoon yaaron and Ilaya Nila(Ilayaraja’s classic which got adopted in hindi as neele neele ambar I think..

    I know Hotel Calif is not in the same genre but its another song I think which will never ever die. I can still listen to it every day 😉

    Good stuff. A long comment for the first post I like on your blog.(kiddin)

  7. Reid Says:

    It’s been so long since you wrote a blog post. Props for posting a video of DMB.

    I’m surprised nothing from Queen, ABBA, or Michael Jackson made your list. That stuff is insanely popular in the United States, at least for Karaoke.

  8. Your listing was good and true because I still hear those songs in your list until now. But I also think that there are still millions of people that have their personal choices.

  9. moimystique Says:

    somewhere over the rainbow tops my list- my fav versions being tommy emmanuel’s and ella fitzgerald’s.

    take five! 😛 i dont tire of it.

    it dont mean a thing if it aint got that swing- duke ellington.

    why only jazzish songs here?
    where do we go from here- alan parsons project.
    every breath you take- cliched, i know, but i dont think it’ll die.

  10. Sneha Says:

    why not new posts? just loved the five classic songs. now i am really hooked onto classics.

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